Do you live in _____ ?

Next time when someone ask me “Do you live in ____ ?”, I should have replied with a sense of humor, like, “Yes, so can I have more discount?”.

I was not prepared to say anything yesterday in a souvenir shop at the zoo. In the past 6 months some people here have demonstrated to me what discrimination means. This experience just showed me why the retail market is so poor and unattractive. Coz the staff are not professional and not equipped to treat customers, no matter where they come from, with a proper manner.

Somehow online shop customer service can do much better job, what a shame!

In my hometown, sales people will vent their discontent to the locals instead, and never to tourists, whom they treat as V.I.P.

A new year has come now. I know i must embrace everything with more sense of humor.


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