Use your own judgment?!

As a former teacher, one thing I dislike is being asked for what is written clearly. 

So I really thought my kid starts new school term today, as what the school newsletter to parents said,’ next term is week one on Tuesday 11th October.’

Very obvious though it sounds weird to us  that it’s not Monday as usual. 

Okay I kept my doubt and found out it’s a mistake. 

No one would call you up if you are absent from school. Okay I know, here is not my old home.

I should not use my old values to judge new things here, um, maybe. 

One good lesson I learnt today is to keep my doubt as always. Now it tells you sth written down can be wrong too. 

Well not the first time indeed. 

And for those that are not written, please use your own judgement. 

Big cultural shock! 


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