Today we bumped into my gal’s classmate at the school entrance again. My girl shouted out ‘bye’ to her, but I could see the distorted face of her once good friend. She didn’t utter anything at all, and staring at my girl indeed.

Usually, if that happened to my kid, I would definitely asked her to respond instead of doing nothing. But it looks very normal here that parents never interfere what kids will do to other.

Silence always means sth., correct?

I try to avoid thinking it’s a racist issue. Maybe it’s just a cultural thing. So I thought parents respect the kids and maybe they will lecture them at home, and not in front of us.

I know I can never get the answer. But I do feel uneasy each time I meet the girl and her mum now.

I still ask my girl to be friendly to her, but at the same time, I also ask her to play with those who are friendly to her. Luckily she can befriend with other kids and begins to understand the need to defend her own right.

Fitting in a new group is difficult. It’s our fault to give her such challenge. But she gotto overcome it in her new home here anyway.


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