What a good school means

First piece of English blog post. Sorry for my poor English.


Will you still recommend your primary school after graduating 30 years? I still do to my friends when it’s time to make their decisions.

My primary school is very prestigious in Hong Kong. It’s known as the best one in the district it is located and on HK island. Parents like it because it’s government funded, which means it’s not necessary to spend more on school fees, though the other misc. fees are still very high here, including textbooks and school bus fees, etc. The teaching quality is consistent over the years and the graduates from primary 6 can usually go to the famous secondary schools without much difficulty.

As such attractive report card hasn’t been changed, there’s no doubt it’s the top choice for most parents in town, and also it’s one of my choice for our kid.

Yet, something happened today and I want my friends to change their choice.

Most parents voice their views in the fb alumni page that no posts related to politics should be related as the group is not set up to discuss that. It’s due to a discovery by another alumni about how a local fund used a picture of kids wearing the school uniform, even without school badge, that caused concern.

It’s just a plain discussion of the discovery. Yet, someone already said they dislike it and want to urge others not to mention that in future.

Does that violate freedom of speech? We allow people to voice out their opinion freely, even it’s nonsense, the audience can decide right or wrong themselves. That should be the meaning of the right.

It really pissed me off as it shows the narrow-mindness of the parents and the quality of their minds. Their behavior really sucks.

My feedback is replied with rude remarks. My partner asked me to fight back but indeed I donno how to communicate with nonsense people indeed.

Time has changed. The previous core values of honesty and truth disappears now.

I know the majority are still kong pigs. But they don’t realize life is full of politics. You can’t escape and ignore its existence.

I always reflect if it’s a good decision to let my kid study in another place. Now I know our decision is correct.


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