HK雖然有點變了,但在外國人心目中,始終係個brand. 代表文明和自由。

有中國小朋友知道我地HK來的,即講HK is part of China。我無否認呀,但也立即對她講兩地係不同的。

她不明白,因為她只有呢一句深深印在腦海中。別以為她對家鄉好熟悉,她識聽,但不懂講普通話; 只知Mandarin係Chinese, 卻不知仲有其他種類既中文存在;知中國好大,但又不知有好多人住; 話我地知響中國可以周圍去,但她又未番過去⋯⋯

不和她argue下去了,小孩子好friendly, 也不用在一個玩耍既場合講大家最重要的不同。只奇怪她的父母係這樣教一點又不教一點,而我最介懷的,就係點解她只講英文,卻連自己既mother tongue也不懂說。而呢個情況,在這地都幾普遍。
















口音Does accent really matter?

生在香港,我地既教育讓我們相信British accent係最好。同時間, American English 也和British English一樣,同樣被廣泛接受。

今早讀呢度報紙,一篇關於小一學生未曉講話的新聞。其中點出了某些小朋友講既係Disney Speech, 講既英文係American accent. 呢樣原來會被當作有oral deficiency!


我shallow, 大家都係講英文吧,用來區分人種實在太上桿上線了。



As long as one can communicate with each other, the accent should not be a matter unless somebody would like to use it to differentiate people of their origins.

I come from Hong Kong, where both American and British accents are the most well-received, but we locals also develop our own HK accent and others who also have their own accents as well. No one would say those can’t speak with HK accent are wrong.

Nice news of the day. It make me more curious of how this country work!



不是賣廣告,但Oxford Reading Tree呢套英文書,係可以教曉小朋友認字,所以我特別要求孩子要識讀每個故事才可以更換。



好感動她如此重視「功課」,也感恩她如此愛書。 至少,有書與她為伴,我可以少擔心好多事。




新地方既小學,無需穿校服,無需買教科書。校方只要求我地買一個夠大既書包放孩子的exercise books,文具和lunch box.








Today we bumped into my gal’s classmate at the school entrance again. My girl shouted out ‘bye’ to her, but I could see the distorted face of her once good friend. She didn’t utter anything at all, and staring at my girl indeed.

Usually, if that happened to my kid, I would definitely asked her to respond instead of doing nothing. But it looks very normal here that parents never interfere what kids will do to other.

Silence always means sth., correct?

I try to avoid thinking it’s a racist issue. Maybe it’s just a cultural thing. So I thought parents respect the kids and maybe they will lecture them at home, and not in front of us.

I know I can never get the answer. But I do feel uneasy each time I meet the girl and her mum now.

I still ask my girl to be friendly to her, but at the same time, I also ask her to play with those who are friendly to her. Luckily she can befriend with other kids and begins to understand the need to defend her own right.

Fitting in a new group is difficult. It’s our fault to give her such challenge. But she gotto overcome it in her new home here anyway.

What a good school means

First piece of English blog post. Sorry for my poor English.


Will you still recommend your primary school after graduating 30 years? I still do to my friends when it’s time to make their decisions.

My primary school is very prestigious in Hong Kong. It’s known as the best one in the district it is located and on HK island. Parents like it because it’s government funded, which means it’s not necessary to spend more on school fees, though the other misc. fees are still very high here, including textbooks and school bus fees, etc. The teaching quality is consistent over the years and the graduates from primary 6 can usually go to the famous secondary schools without much difficulty.

As such attractive report card hasn’t been changed, there’s no doubt it’s the top choice for most parents in town, and also it’s one of my choice for our kid.

Yet, something happened today and I want my friends to change their choice.

Most parents voice their views in the fb alumni page that no posts related to politics should be related as the group is not set up to discuss that. It’s due to a discovery by another alumni about how a local fund used a picture of kids wearing the school uniform, even without school badge, that caused concern.

It’s just a plain discussion of the discovery. Yet, someone already said they dislike it and want to urge others not to mention that in future.

Does that violate freedom of speech? We allow people to voice out their opinion freely, even it’s nonsense, the audience can decide right or wrong themselves. That should be the meaning of the right.

It really pissed me off as it shows the narrow-mindness of the parents and the quality of their minds. Their behavior really sucks.

My feedback is replied with rude remarks. My partner asked me to fight back but indeed I donno how to communicate with nonsense people indeed.

Time has changed. The previous core values of honesty and truth disappears now.

I know the majority are still kong pigs. But they don’t realize life is full of politics. You can’t escape and ignore its existence.

I always reflect if it’s a good decision to let my kid study in another place. Now I know our decision is correct.